3 Day Body Class

Advanced 3 Day Body Class

Prerequisites: Bars & Foundation

The information & Process in the 3-Day Access Bodywork Class are designed to clear a lot of stuff that we have thought was valuable that isn’t that must be cleared to step into a greater possibility. Every time you run a process & allow your body to experience the change, you get closer to Infinite Perceiving, Knowing, Being & Receiving, your capacities to heal & be healed exponentializes, & you get more of the greatness of you. Taking that to the next level is the Advanced Body Classs

Gary kept looking in the mirror every morning and thinking, “How did I get this old? I feel like I did when I was 18! The inside doesn’t match the outside?” He was aware that this also didn’t match with animal manifestations. Animals will go forever looking just fine, just fine, just fine, & then they look aged & then die. It’s a really quick transformation for them. They are totally with their body, totally in function with their body & we go to the deterioration routine. This is not necessary.

What animals & people have are these different immune systems to Aging, Sexuality, & the Matter, Energy, Space & Time Reality. The difference is that animals have these activated, people do not. Activating these 3 immune systems is the beginning of the Access Advanced Body Class.

The world has required something like this for a long time & we would love to have you be, express, & inspire the Greatness of Embodiment

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