Hi Claudia! A testimonial from me, about Fabulous You and your AC 3 Day Body Class. Since your AC 3 Day Body Class, I'm more conscious, more aware, more receiving of Me, of Joyful Embodiment, and of my body being that glorious liaison for change (and fun!) than I could ever imagine! I'm aware of a tenacity of consciousness that is fierce (aggressively present), potent, gentle, and allowing, with a LOT of ease! (I'll have more of that! Ha!) 😀

Joan P

Claudia you are an amazing teacher. The relationship that I have with my body after your class is totally a diferent reality than the one before the class. I can hear my body clearly and quite loud and since then I have this sense of being bigger than others, I see others from another angle, I have this sense of being taller, it is very interesting to experience. Thank you for reintroducing me to my best friend and partner. You rock girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


This is my 4th body class each has gifted me different awareness this particular class with Claudia just expanded and explode my world in a way nothing had yet, the level of receiving and the level of joy and happiness with bodies and beings is just breath taking.

Daria H.

What a question-explosion she is! One of her things I got inspired to be focusing on you, showing different options, other possibilities to choose, she facilitates with ease and and her being is so light! I got lighter too! aaand I get my body's responses better - improved communication! 🙂 thank you Claudia!


Class is rocking my reality into so much change!! Grateful for you all and thank you Claudia Cano for the brilliance that you be !!

Kate S.

This is my 6th, 3 day body class, Claudia has an amazing ability to infect other bodies and beings to embody the joy and the capacities they actually have.

Karlina V.

Claudia is loving, caring, kind, gracious and grateful for the bodies.

Curry Glassell

Claudia is like the golden pond, it was a magic 3 day body journey.

Anna P

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your amazing contribution to me during the three day body class you recently held in November. You guided us by simply be-ing you - with kindness, while gently taking us to the "edge" and at the same time, providing a safe environment for us to explore our vulnerability. I am in everlasting gratitude for the 3-day journey you took us on. If pressed to describe this class to someone, I would compare it as much to an Access Level 2/3 class as it was a body class. Such was the level of insight I received during this wondrous, 3 day exploration. Thanks and regards.

Thom M

Claudia is an amazing facilitator. I recently took a 3 day body class from her and the space she created for us was so expansive, gentle and transformative. She facilitated us with so many questions and awarenesses and kept the energy moving with great ease and grace. I would so highly recommend her. She is very in touch with her own body and helped us to deepen the communion we have with ours. She also very generously supported me in finding what my body loves to wear by loaning me her absolutely gorgeous red shoes for the day which is really unlocking a lot for me. How does it get better than that?

Juliana Freeman

Claudia is the "body whisperer".... I took a body class with Claudia a year ago and my body and life has totally changed. We just finished my second one ... wow.... The best gift that I have given myself. I wonder what else will be possible now. Thank You.

Riahnna Demahr

When I got home from the 3 day body class my husband was all excited to come pick me up from the airport this time! He took me out for steak dinner & then to Victorias secrets hdigbtt?!! Then he was all excited this morning Wow! Htfdigbtt?!!


Thank you for the generous joyful gift you be in my life Claudia....I'm am so grateful for your ongoing tenacity for consciousness and your willingness to live as the question. ♡

Sylvia Puentes

Can I just add that being with you changes my life every minute? I adore you and am so so grateful for you!!

Diva Diaz

Gratitude to you, for you BEING YOU! THE Magical Kind and Caring YOU!

Jennifer Randive

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